Nazca, Paracas & Ica

Cahuachi Ceremonial Center



  • Departures: Daily
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours


Pick the hotel visit the Antonini Museum where we can see one of the most important sets of antaras existing ceramics to the world also appreciate materials belonging to the middle phase and the end of Nazca, recovered during excavations in Estaquería and sector Pueblo Viejo later. Also observe reconstructions of tombs, life-size imitations of burials and grave goods, some reproductions of the cave paintings of micro-Huayhua and a faithful model of the geoglyphs of the Nazca Pampa.

The remains that have been found in the tombs are exposed in the didactic museum Antonini. We continue our journey of 28 km to reach four large sets of buildings, bounded by a perimeter wall that encloses, which include the Great Pyramid, the Great Temple, the Temple Stepped and Mounds. The front of the pyramid is 28 meters high and 100 meters long and inside there are seven staggered platforms.

The team of archaeologists working in Cahuachi in 1998 discovered a deposit of 200 textiles, several of which were painted by hand, a rarity within the Nazca culture, which so far only knew embroidered textiles. In addition, they found twenty heads of children and adults, belonging to the same community, they were offerings to their gods.


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  • Professional bilingual guide
  • Entrance ticket

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